Sunday, June 20, 2010

Quantic presenta Flowering Inferno - Dog With a Rope (2010)

Quantic is BACK! After a little bit of hiatus in albums (for him) Will Holland is back with another latin/dub/funk/reggae inspired masterpiece. So many dope tunes on this and like the 'Flowering Inferno' album that proceeds this it features a wicked version of one of my favourite reggae cuts 'Swing Easy'.

1. Dog With A Rope
2. Dub Y Guaguanco
3. Swing Easy
4. Echate Pa'lla (Version)
5. Portada Del Mar
6. Cumbia Sobre El Mar
7. Te PicoΜo El YaibiΜo (Version)
8. No Soy Del Valle
9. Echate Pa'lla
10. Te PicoΜo El YaibiΜo

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