Thursday, June 17, 2010

Guive & Lone Ranger - New Start (Dubstep Rmx) (2010)

Dis one goes out to Phil! I gonna jam this one tonight on tasty 10". Boom!


  1. Greetings from Greece!
    You must kind of my musical alter - ego in New Zealand. Selector myself, same kind of music, same concept only in another hemisphere.. If you would be so kind to repost this, 'cause it's huge and can't find it anywhere, even to buy it. Cheers and congrats for the blog

  2. Heya Plughead!
    That is wicked bro, loving the later-ego call! :0)
    This is a killer tune aye, I'm pretty sure I ripped this off youtube at the time as I coudn't find it myself either. I think I brought the 10" off soundquake, Will try and rip from vinyl in the next week or so. keep posted.