Sunday, June 13, 2010

Syl Johnson - Undercover Showcase (1960's)

Syl is the man, born in Mississippi he started jamming in the 50's before recording with Federal Records then onto Twinight and eventually onto Hi Records by the end of the 60's. Syl has been sampled by too many Hip Hop artists including Wu-Tang, Kool G Rap, RJD2, Michael Jackson, Public Enemy, Cypress get the picture. Check out some of my favourites, I call this rusty soul...

Don't Do It
That's Just My Luck
Is It Because I'm Black
Different Strokes
Bustin' Up Or Bustin' out
I Hear The Love Chimes
Concrete Reservation
Steppin' Out
Walk A Mile In My Shoes
Take Me To The River
I'm Yours

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