Saturday, October 25, 2014

Coxsone Cream w Undercover

Some of the smoothest, creamiest Coxsone goodness came out in the 70s. Inna fine roots style, minus the collie weed and staying true to the Studio One sound, it kept coming for Sir Coxsone. Zippy Pt1 Zippy Pt2 4shared!

The Silvertones - Smile
The Silvertones - Smile Dub
Dennis Brown - Easy Take It Easy
Dennis Brown and Brentford All Stars - Easy Take It Easy Pt.2
Ernest Ranglin - Surfin'
Ernest Ranglin - Surfin' Pt. 2
Johnny Osbourne and The Prophets - Keep That Light
Johnny and The Brentford Rockers - Keep That Light Pt.2
Prince Lincoln - Daughters Of Zion
Brentford Disco Set - Daughters Of Zion Pt.2
The Traps - Higher
Traps and The Liberation Group - Higher (Ver.)
The Jay Tees - Forward To Jah
The Jay Tees and Brentford Rockers - Forward To Jah (Part 2)
Devon Russell - Jah Hold The Key
Devon and The Brentford Rockers - Jah Hold The Key (Version)
Anthony (Rocky) Ellis - Double Minded Man
The New Establishment - Double Minded Man Ver.
Lloyd Forrest - Where It's At
Soul System - Where It's At (Ver.)
The Gladiators - Beautiful Locks
Albert and The Gladiators - Beautiful (Ver.)
Larry Marshall - Run Babylon
Larry Marshall - Run Babylon Pt.2
The Gladiators - Righteous Man
The Gladiators - Righteous Dub
Johnny Osbourne - Forgive Them
Sound Demension Band - Forgive Them Version
Lone Ranger - Screw Gone A North Coast
Lone Ranger and Sound Dimension - Junior Screw
The Classics - Fire Coal Man
The Silvertones - Burning In My Soul
George Allen - Be Wise My Brethren
Sound Dimensions - Be Wise Version
Judah Eskender Tafari - Conquer Me (part 1)
Judah Eskender Tafari - Conquer Me (part 2)
Cornell Campbell - Didn't I
Cornel and The Sound Dimension - Didn't I Version
Winston Francis - Fools Fall In Love
Winston and Sound Demension - Fools Fall In Version
L. Crosdale - Set Me Free
Drum Bago and The Rebel Group - Free Me (Ver.)
The Heptones - Get In The Groove
Sound Dimension - Get In The (Version)
Sugar Minott - Give Me Jah Jah
Sugar and Sound Dimension - Give Me Jah Jah Pt. 2
The Heptones - Hard To Confess
Sound Demension Band - Hard To Confess Version
Freddie McGregor - Home Ward Bound
Freddie & Brentford Rockers - Home Ward Version
Leonard Dillon - Locust
Leonard Dillon - Locust Ver
Slim Smith - Lonely Lover
Sound Dimension - Lonely Version
The Heptones - Love Won't Come Easy
The Heptones - Love Won't Come Easy (part 2)
Judah Eskender Tafari - Jah Light
Brentford Disco Set - Jah Light Version
The Cables - Be A Man
Carlton and His Shoes - Love Me Forever
The Invaders - Sweet Soul Rocking
Sugar Minott - Love Gonna Pack Up
Prince Lincoln - True Experience
Prince Lincoln - Live Up To Your Name
The Paragons - Danger In Your Eyes
Joe Higgs - Change Of Plan
Donna V and Sound Dimension - Pullover Version
The Righteous Flames - You Don't Know

Friday, October 24, 2014

Studio One Gold w/ Undercover

I'm continuing on my Studio One binge at the moment. This time round we lay down the stone cold classics, the gold that made Studio One the leading studio in Jamaica for a good 20 years. Again the real treat is the b-sides (matrixed too), featuring only on the original press 7"s from the 60s/70s. Zippy pt1 ZippyPt2 4shared

Alton Ellis - Mad Mad
Alton and Soundemension - Mad Version
The Mad Lads - Ten To One
Sound Dimension Band - Ten To One Version
Delroy Wilson - Dancing Mood
Soul Vendors - Dancing Dub
Slim Smith - Born to Love
Slim Smith - Born To Dub
The Heptones - Pretty Looks
The Heptones and Soundemension - Pretty Looks Version
Dennis Brown - Easy Take It Easy
Dennis Brown and Brentford All Stars - Easy Take It Easy Pt.2
Ken Boothe - When I Fall in Love
Ken Boothe and Sound Dimension - When I Fall In Dub
Tommy McCook - Tunnel One
Sound Dimension - Tunnel Two
Marcia Griffiths - Feel Like Jumping
Marcia Griffiths - Feel Like Jumping Pt.2
Sugar Minott - Oh Mr Dc
Soul Vendors - Pressure Pt.2
Ken Parker - Before and After
Ken and Soul Vendors - Before &and After Ver.
Ronald Merrils - Danger In Your Eyes
Ronald Merrils - Danger In Your Eyes Pt.2
Freddie McKay - High School Dance
Freddie McKay - High School Version
Brentford All Stars - Race Track
Brentford All Stars - Race Track Ver.
Sugar Minott - I Need A Roof
Sugar and Brentford All Stars - I Need A Roof Pt.2
The Gladiators - Roots Natty
Brentford Disco Set - Culture (Ver.)
The Gladiators - Bongo Red
The Gladiators Band - Bongo Version
Sugar Belly and Sound Dimension - In Cold Blood
Sound Dimension - In Cold Dub
Sugar Minott - Vanity Pt.1
Sugar Minott - Vanity Pt.2
Basil Daley - Hold Me Baby
Basil Daley - Hold Me Baby Version
Slim Smith - Never Let Go
Soul Vendors - Never Let Go (Version)
Lone Ranger - The Answer
Lone Ranger and Sound Dimension - The Answer (Ver.)
The Abyssinians - Declaration Of Rights
Sound Dimension - Declaration (Ver.)
Willie Williams - Armagedeon Time
Willie and The Soundemension - Armagedeon Version
Barry Brown - Far East
Barry and Soul Vendors - Far East Ver.
Freddie McGregor - How Could You Leave
Freddie and Soundemension - How Could You Version
Slim Smith - Rougher Yet
Lone Ranger - Love Bump
Brentford Rockers - Love Bump Version
Horace Andy - Skylarking
Carlton and The Shoes - Love Me Forever
Sound Dimension - Full Up
Freddie Mcgregor - Bobby Babylon
The Paragons - Danger In Your Eyes
Johnny Osbourne - Truth and Rights
Zoot Simms - African Challenge
Delroy Wilson - Conquer Me
Richard and The Sound Demensions - Crafty
Freddie Mcgregor and The Sound Dimension - Africa Here I Come
Jackie Mittoo - Drum Song
Brentford All Stars - Greedy G

Friday, October 17, 2014

Studio One Soul w Undercover

The original Jamaican mashup with nuff US 50s, 60s, 70s soul hits reworked by Studio One inna rocksteady and reggae style and fashion. As with a few of the recent Studio One posts, you get the killer b side where possible to dub it out! Cop it.

Devon Russell - Sexual Healing
Devon & Brentford Rockers - Sexual Healing Version
Claudette (Nana) McLean - Give Love Another Try
The Soul Defenders - Give Love Another Try Version
Jennifer Lara - Consider Me
Jennifer Lara - Consider Me Part 2
Otis Gayle - What You Won't Do For Love
Otis Gayle and The Brentford Rockers - What You Won't Version
B.B. Seaton - Proud As I Am
B.B. and Soundemension - Proud As I Am Pt.2
Dennis Brown - He Ain't Heavy
Dennis and The Brentford All Stars - He Ain't Heavy Version
Barry Brown - Give Love
Barry and The Sound Dimension - Give Love Version
Otis Gayle - I'll Be Around
Otis and The Sound Dimension - I'll Be Around Version
Tyrone Taylor - I Believe In Yesterday
Tyrone and Soundemension - Yesterday Version
The Heptones - I Shall Be Released
Heptones and The Sound Dimension - I Shall Be Released Version
The Sharks - How Could I Live
Sound Dimension - How Could I Live Pt.2
B.B. Seaton - It's A Sign
B.B. Seaton & Soundemension - It's A Version
Horace Andy - Just Don't Want To Be Lonely
Sound Dimension Band - Don't Want To Be Lonely (Ver.)
The Gaylads - Gaylads Medley Pt.1
The Gaylads - Gaylads Medley Pt.2
Jerry Jones - Compared To What
Jerry and The Sound Dimension - Compared Version
Jerry Jones - Still Water
Jerry Jones & Sound Dimension - Still Water Version
Norma White - I Want Your Love
Norma and The Brentford Disco Set - I Want Your Love Pt.2
Otis Gayle - Let Me Get To Know You
Jackie Mittoo - Totally Together
Lord Tanamo - Keep On Moving
The Minstrels - People Get Ready
Leroy Sibbles - Express Yourself
Norma Fraser - Respect
Richard Ace - Can't Get Enough
Leroy Sibbles - Groove Me
The Heptones - Message From A Black Man
Senior Soul - Is It Because I Am Black
Roy Richards and Soul Vendors - Summertime
Soulettes - King Street
Sound Dimension - Time is tight
King Stitt - Diana
Jackie Mittoo and The Brentford Rhythm Band - Deeper and Deeper
Winston Jarrett and The Righteous Flames - Born to Be Loved

Monday, October 6, 2014

Dubwise w/ Undercover

I'm not the biggest dub aficionado - I much prefer a killer vocal over a killer riddim, but how could these tunes not move you? So heavy. So classic. So killer. Part1 Part2

The Techniques - Born To Love Dub
Mudie's All Stars - Pretty Version
Impact Allstars - Cheating Dub
Impact Allstars - Ordinary Version Chapter 3
The Upsetters - Dub It Easy
Bobby Kalphat - Something Special
Johnny and The Techniques - Purify Dub
Johnny Osbourne - Jahoviah Dub
Horace Andy - Tonight Dub
Horace Andy - Evilest Thing Version
Prince Far I - Heavyweight Version
Mad Professor - Kill Bwoy Dub
The Revolutionaries - Ballistic Affair Version
The Revolutionaries - Counter Attack
Linval and The Revolutionaries - Seventy Nine Rock
Burning Spear - Black Wadada
Soul Syndicate - Natty Twelve Tribe Dub
Philip Fraser - You're No Good Version
Mikey Dread At The Controls - Parrot Jungle
Dennis Brown - General Version
Scientist - The Mummy's Shroud
Scientist - Cry Of The Werewolf
Scientist - Earths Rightful Ruler
Scientist - School Days Dub
Scientist - Can't Keep Love Down
Scientist - African Daughter Dub
Augustus Pablo - 1-2-3 Version
Augustus Pablo - King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown
Augustus Pablo - East Africa
Yabby U - Conquering Dub
Yabby U and The Prophets - Beware
Wayne Wade, Tommy McCook and Yabby U - Riding Version
Patrick Andy and Yabby U - Don't go Version
Page One and The Observers - Lover's Dub
Dennis, Niney and King Tubby - Fire From The Observer
Dennis, Niney and King Tubby - Mischievous Dub
Dennis, Niney and King Tubby - Revelation Fulfill
Glenn Brown and King Tubby - Wicked Can't Run This Dub
Glenn Brown and King Tubby - Version 78 Style
Glenn Brown and King Tubby - Father For The Living Dubwise
Wayne Jarret and King Tubby - Satta Dread Dub
The Aggrovators and King Tubby - Jah Love Rockers Dub
The Aggrovators and King Tubby - At the Dub Market
Harry Mudie and King Tubby - Full Dose Of Dub
King Tubby - Roots Of Dub
King Tubby - Thanks and Praise
King Tubby - Borderline Dub
King Tubby - King Tubby's Old Veteran Dub

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Studio One B Sides w Undecover

Studio One, the humble little Jamaican studio that defined a genre had some great instrumental versions on the b sides of their 7"s including early ska and rocksteady numbers, as well as dubbed out horn and percussion versions. So as a precursor to a forthcoming dub post, we have some classic Studio One versions, or dubs as they became known. Wheel up!

Slim and Sound Dimension - Born To Dub
Devon and The Soul Vendors - Get Ready Version
Bob and The Soul Vendors - Dancing Dub
The Heptones and Sound Dimension - Pretty Looks Version
Sugar and The New Establishment - Never Give Up Version
Delroy Wilson - Run Run Version
Slim and Soul Vendors - Rougher Dub
Ken and Sound Dimension - When I Fall In Dub
Marcia Griffiths - Feel Like Jumping Part 2
Marley and The Skatalites - One Love Version
Freddie and Brentford Rockers - Home Ward Version
Black Brothers and The New Establishment - School Version
The Rebels - Rhodesia Version
Cedric Im Brooks - Idle Berg
The Gladiators Band - Bongo Version
Judah Eskender Tafari - Rastafari Tell You Part 2
The Jay Tees and Brentford Rockers - Forward To Jah Part 2
Johnny Osbourne and Sound Dimension - Ya Ho Version
Field Marshall Haye - Roots and Herb Version
Jim Nastic and Soul Vendors - Chanting Version
Johnny and Sound Dimension - Declaration Version
Alton Ellis - African Version
Judah and Brentford Disco Set - Jah Light
Freddie, Drum Bago and The Rebel Group - Free Me Version
Lloyd and The Soul System - Where It's At Version
Sugar Belly and The Sound Dimension - In Cold Dub
Ernest Ranglin - Surfin' Part 2
Gladiators Band - Bongo I Part 2
Carl and The Sound Dimension - Rythm Of My Version
Barry and The Sound Dimension - Give Love Version
Willie and The Brentford Disco Set - No One Can Stop Us Part 2
Otis and The Sound Dimension - I'll Be Around Version
Tony and The Sound Dimension - Cool Version (Satta)
Johnny and The Brentford Rockers - Keep That Light Part 2
Dub Specialist - Hi Fashion Dub
Rapper Jim and Sound Dimension - Pirates Version (Throw Mi Corn)
Dennis Alcapone - Joe Frazier Round 2
Brentford Rockers - Thanks And Praise Part 2 (Shank I Shenk)
Donna V and The Sound Dimension - Pullover Version
The Gladiators - Righteous Dub
Dub Specialist - Lagos
Johnny Osbourne and Brentford Disco Set - Jealousey, Heartache and Dub