Sunday, June 12, 2016

Big Tunes w Undercover

Some maad tunes in here..We have my faves off the killer Dennis Brown tribute, the new Alborosie, Raging Fyah and Silly Walks albums, the one riddim on here is Lion Paw and it's massive with Chronixx, Keznamdi and Keilssa. We also have single drops from Protoje, Damian Marley, Cham, Christopher Martin, Morgan Heritage, Teflon et al.
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Vin Gordon and The Real Rock Band - Heavenless
Morgan Heritage - One Eastman
Raging Fyah f/ Jesse Royal - Humble
Raging Fyah - Everlasting
Raging Fyah - Milk And Honey
Jah Cure - Ghetto Girl
Mykal Rose - Easy Take It Easy
Christopher Ellis - Created By The Father
Iba Mahr, Jesse Royal, Chronixx, Keznamdi, Exco Levi, Kelissa, Jahmiel,
Kabaka Pyramid and Rockaz Elements - I Need Your Love (Rasta Children)
Dalton Harris - No More Will I Roam
Chino - Melting Pot
Shuga - Black Liberation
Alborosie f/ Roots Radics and Pupa Avril - Everything
Alborosie f/ Protoje - Strolling
Alborosie f/ Sandy Smith - Carry On
Alborosie - Poser
Paolo Baldini DubFiles f/ Hempress Sativa - Boom (Wah Da Da Deng)
Paolo Baldini DubFiles f/ TJ - Herbsman Juggling
Dre Island - Let Jah Love Shine Down (Russ D Remix)
Chronixx - Out Deh (Lion Paw Riddim)
Keznamdi - Cool It (Lion Paw Riddim)
Kelissa - Stick Up (Lion Paw Riddim)
Samory-I - I Am Gad
Jesse Royal - Roots and Culture
Assassin - Never Let Them Break You Down
Christopher Martin - This Could Be Murder
Chino and Stephen McGregor - Zero Tolerance
Protoje - Cant Feel No Way
Protoje f/ Chronixx - Who Knows
Damian Marley - Caution
Christopher Martin f/ Busy Signal - Steppin
Alborosie - Judgement
Cham - Yeah (Mad Up Riddim)
Teflon - Champion Sound

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Scientist Mixes and their Vocals Part 5 w/ Undercover

Perhaps one if not the most iconic dub albums of all time, Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires captures perfectly the last of the Channel One sound before digital swept the nation. In 1980/1981 (the year of my birth) the Roots Radics were as militant yet sweet as ever. Songs taken from The Wailing Souls, Michael Prophet and Johnny Osbourne albums (all with Scientist on the mixing desk) where twisted and tweaked by the dub extraordinaire Scientist at the controls yet again. Howls, screams and cackles ensue. Link.

The Wailing Souls - Fire House Rock Aka Waterhouse Rock
Scientist - The Mummy´s Shroud (Waterhouse Rock)
Johnny Osbourne - He can surely turn the tide (1980)
Scientist - Plague Of Zombies (He can surely turn the tide)
Michael Prophet - You Are A No Good
Scientist - Dance Of The Vampires (You Are A No Good)
Michael Prophet - Love And Unity
Scientist - Your Teeth In My Neck (Love And Unity)
Michael Prophet - Sweet Loving
Scientist - Ghost Of Frankenstein (Sweet Loving)
Michael Prophet - Hold On To What You Go
Scientist - Cry Of The Werewolf (Hold On To What You Go)
Michael Prophet - Youthman
Scientist - Night Of The Living Dead (Youthman)
Wailing Souls - Oh What a Feeling
Scientist - The Voodoo Curse (Oh What a Feeling)
Wailing Souls - Bandits Taking Over
Scientist - The Corpse Rises (Bandits Taking Over)

Saturday, June 4, 2016

Scientist Mixes and their Vocals Part 4 w/ Undercover

Some absolute crucial cuts in here with the vocal originals from Scientists Dub Landing Volumes 1 and 2 LPs. Still half a dozen tunes I (google and reggae forums) can't place however.  Link

Al Campbell - Unfaithful Children
Scientist - Invaders (Unfaithful Children)
Linval Thompson - Mr Collie Man
Barry Brown - Love Is What the World Wants (Mr Collie Man)
Scientist - Attack (Mr Collie Man)
Freddy McKay - Hey Stranger
Scientist - Beaming (Hey Stranger)
Al Campbell - Jah Shine On Me
Scientist - Dark Side (Jah Shine On Me)
Barry Brown - Natty Dread Nah Run
Scientist - Vulcan (Natty Dread Nah Run)
Wayne Wade - Everyday Rain
Scientist - Meteorite (Everyday Rain)
Pablo Gad - Gun Fever
Pablo Gad - Gun Fever Dub
Scientist - Time Passage (Gun Fever)

Freddie Mckay - Lonely Man
Scientist - Betrayal (Lonely Man)
Anthony Johnson - Africa
Scientist - Base (Africa)
The Viceroys - Rising The Strength Of Jah
Scientist - Life (Rising The Strength Of Jah)
The Viceroys - I'm Trying On
Scientist - Earth (I'm Trying On)
The Viceroys - We Must Unite
Scientist - City Of Gold (We Must Unite)
Scientist - Victory (We Must Unite)
Scientist - Reconnaissance (We Must Unite)

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Scientist Mixes and their Vocals Part 3 w/ Undercover

Classic Junjo material mixed inna Scientist stylee featuring Johnny Osbourne and his dangerous Never Stop Fighting LP with some Hugh Mundell and Toyan/Billy Boyo DJ nuggets in dere.

Johnny Osbourne - Love Is Universal
Little John and Billy Boyo - Janet Sinclair (Love Is Universal)
Scientist and Roots Radics - Dangerous Match One (Love Is Universal)
Hugh Mundell - Rasta Have the Handle
Scientist and Roots Radics - Dangerous Match Two (Rasta Have the Handle)
Hugh Mundell - Jacqueline
Scientist and Roots Radics - Dangerous Match Three (Jacqueline)
Johnny Osbourne - In Your Eyes
Scientist and Roots Radics - Dangerous Match Four (In Your Eyes)
Johnny Osbourne - Over 31 Under 21
Little John & Billy Boyo - Bushmaster Connection  (Over 31 Under 21)
Scientist and Roots Radics - Dangerous Match Five (Over 31 Under 21)
Johnny Osbourne - Never Stop Fighting
Scientist and Roots Radics - Dangerous Match Six (Never Stop Fighting)
Johnny Osbourne - Give a Little Love
Scientist and Roots Radics - Dangerous Match Seven (Give A Little Love)
Hugh Mundell - Red Gold and Green
Scientist and Roots Radics - Dangerous Match Eight (Red Gold and Green)

Wayne Jarrett - Love in Mi Heart
Scientist and Roots Radics - Dangerous Match Nine (Love in Mi Heart)
Wayne Jarrett - Ranny and Lou
Scientist and Roots Radics - Dangerous Match Ten (Ranny and Lou)
Johnny Osbourne - Ice Cream Love
Toyan - Children Children (Ice Cream Love)
Scientist and Roots Radics - Extra Time One (Ice Cream Love)
Johnny Osbourne - Fally Lover
Scientist and Roots Radics - Extra Time Two (Fally Lover)
Johnny Osbourne - No Lollipop No Sweet So
Captain Sinbad - Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger (No Lollipop No Sweet So)
Scientist and Roots Radics - Extra Time Three (No Lollipop No Sweet So)
Hugh Mundell - 24 Hours A Day
Scientist and Roots Radics - Extra Time Four (24 Hours a Day)
Johnny Osbourne - Freelance Lover
Scientist and Roots Radics - Extra Time Five (Freelance Lover)
Johnny Osbourne - Baccara
Toyan - Toyan on th Go (Baccara)
Scientist and Roots Radics - Golden Goal (Baccara)

Scientist Mixes and their Vocals Part 2 w/ Undercover

Next up we have Scientist mixing Barrington Levy's Englishman (plus a few others) for his Scientist vs Jammy Big Showdown LP (Not to be confused with the Junjo Presents Big Showdown LP lol). Killer shit.

Barrington Levy - Send a Moses
Scientist vs. Prince Jammy - Round 01 (Send a Moses)
Barrington Levy - Look Youthman
Scientist vs. Prince Jammy - Round 02 (Look youthman)
Barrington Levy - If you give to me
Scientist vs. Prince Jammy - Round 03 (If you give to me)
Barrington Levy - Skylarking
Scientist vs. Prince Jammy - Round 04  (Skylarking)
Barrington Levy - Don't Fuss Nor Fight
Scientist vs. Prince Jammy - Round 05 (Don't Fuss Nor Fight)
Barrington Levy - Money makes friends
Scientist vs. Prince Jammy - Round 06 (Money makes friends)
Barrington Levy - Bounty Hunter
Scientist vs. Prince Jammy - Round 07 (Bounty Hunter)
Barrington Levy - Black heart man
Scientist vs. Prince Jammy - Round 08 (Black heart man)
Barrington Levy - Moonlight Lover
Scientist vs. Prince Jammy - Round 09 (Moonlight Lover)
Barrington Levy - Bend your back
Scientist vs. Prince Jammy - Round 10 (Bend your back)

Scientist Mixes and their Vocals Part 1 w/ Undercover

The first in a series of posts showcasing the amazing dubs of Scientist and the vocal cuts his killer mixes originate from. First up we bring you the 'The Best Album in the World' and the vocals from that album being Al Campbells - Working Man.

Al Campbell - You Won't Be Jamming
Scientist - Steppers (You Won't Be Jamming)
Al Campbell - Jah Love
Scientist - Chemistry (Jah Love)
Al Campbell - Lighthing And Thunder
Scientist - Front Line (Lighthing And Thunder)
Al Campbell - Working Man
Scientist - Elasticated (Working Man)
Al Campbell - Rock it Up
Scientist - Rocking (Rock it Up)
Al Campbell - Teaser
Scientist - Jungle (Teaser)
Al Campbell - Take Warning
Scientist - Rubber Foot (Take Warning)
And if anyone knows the vocal cuts of these two - hollar!
Scientist - Lovers
Scientist - Bali Hi