Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Studio One Dancehall w/Undercover

So this has been my most popular post/download to date on my young wee blog so I thought I would repost it t say thanks to everyone who checks this place out. More Studio One selections to come soon. Peace and love!

Some peeps may remember the huge Studio One Vault that was (once upon a time) downloadable on the net a year or so ago. Well I managed to grab it - all 40 or so downloads of em! So here we have an early dancehall set that I compiled, my favourites among many being The Silvertones - Smile, Earl Sixteen - Mash Up The Dance, Frankie Paul - Programme and Johnny Osbourne's Murderer. As many b-side versions as possible are included cos you definately wanna let it dub out Coxsone Style. I can listen to this set over and over again. Please Enjoy.

1. Lone Ranger - Now The Gate Fly
2. The Silvertones - Smile
3. The Silvertones - Smile Dub
4. Delroy Wilson - I Don't Know Why
5. Slim Smith - Never Let Go
6. Slim & The Soul Vendors - Never Let Go (Version)
7. Freddie Mcgregor - Bobby Babylon
8. Dub Specialist - Hi Fashion Dub
9. Sound Dimension - Real Rock
10. Sound Dimension - Real Dub
11. Michigan & Smiley - Rub a Dub Style
12. Earl Sixteen - No Mash Up The Dance
13. Earl Sixteen & Sound Dimension - No Mash Up The Version
14. Frankie Paul - Programme
15. Frankie & Sound Dimension - Programme Version
16. Marcia Griffiths - Feel Like Jumping
17. Marcia Griffiths - Feel Like Jumping Pt.2
18. Michigan & Smiley - Compliments To Studio One
19. Rapper Robert & Jim Brown - Pirates
20. Rapper, Jim & Sound Dimension - Pirates Version
21. Hugh Griffiths - Tease Me
22. Hugh Griffiths & The Soul Vendors - Tease Me Version
23. Dennis Alcapone - Joe Frazier Round 2
24. Don Drummond Junior - Joe Frazier
25. Lone Ranger - Love Bump
26. Brentford Rockers - Love Bump Version
27. Johnny Osbourne - Murderer
28. Johnny & The Skatalites - Murderer Version
29. Devon Russell - Thanks And Praise
30. Brentford Rockers - Thanks And Praise Pt.2
31. Jim Brown & Devon Russell - Ragga Muffin
32. Jim & Sound Dimension - Ragga Ragga
33. Johnny Osbourne - Lend Me The Sixteen


  1. Solid foundation a Studio One dat! Great to have you back undahcova, keep up the good works!

  2. Thanks Mr WestSide! Thanks for the link and feel free to post the mix on ya blog if you keen!