Thursday, June 2, 2016

Scientist Mixes and their Vocals Part 1 w/ Undercover

The first in a series of posts showcasing the amazing dubs of Scientist and the vocal cuts his killer mixes originate from. First up we bring you the 'The Best Album in the World' and the vocals from that album being Al Campbells - Working Man.

Al Campbell - You Won't Be Jamming
Scientist - Steppers (You Won't Be Jamming)
Al Campbell - Jah Love
Scientist - Chemistry (Jah Love)
Al Campbell - Lighthing And Thunder
Scientist - Front Line (Lighthing And Thunder)
Al Campbell - Working Man
Scientist - Elasticated (Working Man)
Al Campbell - Rock it Up
Scientist - Rocking (Rock it Up)
Al Campbell - Teaser
Scientist - Jungle (Teaser)
Al Campbell - Take Warning
Scientist - Rubber Foot (Take Warning)
And if anyone knows the vocal cuts of these two - hollar!
Scientist - Lovers
Scientist - Bali Hi


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