Thursday, May 26, 2016

Studio One Soul Vol 2 w Undercover

More Studio One niceness inna soul version style and fashion! All b sides and versions where possible. Sit back and lax.

Updated links.
Part 1
Part 2

Alton and Eddy - My Heaven
The Wailers - Teenager In Love
Freddie McKay - My True Love
The Soul Defenders - My True Love Ver.
Cornell Campbell - Didn't I
Cornel and The Sound Dimension - Didn't I Version
Slim Smith - Lonely Lover
Sound Dimension - Lonely Version
The Gladiators - Beautiful Locks
Albert and The Gladiators - Beautiful (Ver.)
Fountianairs - Don't Steal My Baby
Fountianairs - Don't Steal My Baby Part Two
Dennis Brown - Something Is Bugging Me
Dennis and The New Establishment - Something Version
Tony Brown - Inflation
Drum Bago and The Rebel Group - Inflation (Ver.)
The Mad Lads - Losing You
Horace Andy - Eternal Love
Horace and Sound Dimension Band - Eternal Love Version
Hugh Griffiths - Do Better To Me
Hugh and Sound Dimension - Do Better Version
Dennis Brown - If I Follow My Heart
Dennis and Sound Dimension Band - If I Follow My Heart (Ver.)
Judah Eskender Tafari - Always Trying
Eskender and Sound Dimension - Always Trying - Pt.2
Slim Smith - Keep That Light
Johnny and The Brentford Rockers - Keep That Light Pt.2
Josephine Bryan - What Could I Do Without Jah
Sound Dimension - What Could I Do Without Jah (Ver.)
Marcia Griffiths - Tell Me Now
The Silvertones - Make A Joyfull Noise
Silvertones and The Sound Dimension - Make A Joyfull (Ver.)
Senior Soul - Is It Because I Am Black
Jackie Mittoo - Black Organ
Freddie McKay - When I Am Gray
The Soul Defenders - When I Am Gray Part Two
Doreen Scheafer - Sugar Sugar
Doreen and Soul Vendors - Sugar (Ver.)
Freddie McKay - You'll Be Sorry
The Soul Defenders - You'll Be Sorry Ver.
Ernest Wilson - Why Oh Why
Ernest and Sound Dimension - Why Oh Why Pt.2
The Heptones - We're In The Mood
Heptones and Sound Dimension Band - In The Mood (Ver.)
Dorene Shaffer - Ain't Gonna Change My Mind
Dorene and Sound Dimension - Ain't Gonna Change Pt.2
Glen Miller - You Must Be Love
Glen & The Soul Vendors - This Must Be (Ver.)
The Hamlins - Sentimental Reason
Sound Dimensions - Sentimental Version
Otis Gayle - Let Me Get To Know You
Frankie Wilmoth - Stay With Me
Frankie and Soundemension - Stay With Me Version
Marcia Griffiths - Let Me Be Yours Ontil Tomorrow
Marcia Griffiths and The New Establishment - Your (Ver.)
Sugar Minott - Is It True
Sugar Minott - Is It True (Version)
Johnny osbourne - Love Is Here To Stay
Johnny Osbourne - Love Is Here To Stay - Pt.2
Little Joe - Red Robe
Sugar Minott - Love Gonna Pack Up (1970)

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