Sunday, June 5, 2016

Scientist Mixes and their Vocals Part 5 w/ Undercover

Perhaps one if not the most iconic dub albums of all time, Scientist Rids the World of the Evil Curse of the Vampires captures perfectly the last of the Channel One sound before digital swept the nation. In 1980/1981 (the year of my birth) the Roots Radics were as militant yet sweet as ever. Songs taken from The Wailing Souls, Michael Prophet and Johnny Osbourne albums (all with Scientist on the mixing desk) where twisted and tweaked by the dub extraordinaire Scientist at the controls yet again. Howls, screams and cackles ensue. Link.

The Wailing Souls - Fire House Rock Aka Waterhouse Rock
Scientist - The Mummy´s Shroud (Waterhouse Rock)
Johnny Osbourne - He can surely turn the tide (1980)
Scientist - Plague Of Zombies (He can surely turn the tide)
Michael Prophet - You Are A No Good
Scientist - Dance Of The Vampires (You Are A No Good)
Michael Prophet - Love And Unity
Scientist - Your Teeth In My Neck (Love And Unity)
Michael Prophet - Sweet Loving
Scientist - Ghost Of Frankenstein (Sweet Loving)
Michael Prophet - Hold On To What You Go
Scientist - Cry Of The Werewolf (Hold On To What You Go)
Michael Prophet - Youthman
Scientist - Night Of The Living Dead (Youthman)
Wailing Souls - Oh What a Feeling
Scientist - The Voodoo Curse (Oh What a Feeling)
Wailing Souls - Bandits Taking Over
Scientist - The Corpse Rises (Bandits Taking Over)


  1. nice to hear all together,could just do with the toyan and yellowman dj cuts on a couple of the tracks to complete it.

  2. I am totally digging what you've done here. Great work!