Friday, October 24, 2014

Studio One Gold w/ Undercover

I'm continuing on my Studio One binge at the moment. This time round we lay down the stone cold classics, the gold that made Studio One the leading studio in Jamaica for a good 20 years. Again the real treat is the b-sides (matrixed too), featuring only on the original press 7"s from the 60s/70s. Zippy pt1 ZippyPt2 4shared

Alton Ellis - Mad Mad
Alton and Soundemension - Mad Version
The Mad Lads - Ten To One
Sound Dimension Band - Ten To One Version
Delroy Wilson - Dancing Mood
Soul Vendors - Dancing Dub
Slim Smith - Born to Love
Slim Smith - Born To Dub
The Heptones - Pretty Looks
The Heptones and Soundemension - Pretty Looks Version
Dennis Brown - Easy Take It Easy
Dennis Brown and Brentford All Stars - Easy Take It Easy Pt.2
Ken Boothe - When I Fall in Love
Ken Boothe and Sound Dimension - When I Fall In Dub
Tommy McCook - Tunnel One
Sound Dimension - Tunnel Two
Marcia Griffiths - Feel Like Jumping
Marcia Griffiths - Feel Like Jumping Pt.2
Sugar Minott - Oh Mr Dc
Soul Vendors - Pressure Pt.2
Ken Parker - Before and After
Ken and Soul Vendors - Before &and After Ver.
Ronald Merrils - Danger In Your Eyes
Ronald Merrils - Danger In Your Eyes Pt.2
Freddie McKay - High School Dance
Freddie McKay - High School Version
Brentford All Stars - Race Track
Brentford All Stars - Race Track Ver.
Sugar Minott - I Need A Roof
Sugar and Brentford All Stars - I Need A Roof Pt.2
The Gladiators - Roots Natty
Brentford Disco Set - Culture (Ver.)
The Gladiators - Bongo Red
The Gladiators Band - Bongo Version
Sugar Belly and Sound Dimension - In Cold Blood
Sound Dimension - In Cold Dub
Sugar Minott - Vanity Pt.1
Sugar Minott - Vanity Pt.2
Basil Daley - Hold Me Baby
Basil Daley - Hold Me Baby Version
Slim Smith - Never Let Go
Soul Vendors - Never Let Go (Version)
Lone Ranger - The Answer
Lone Ranger and Sound Dimension - The Answer (Ver.)
The Abyssinians - Declaration Of Rights
Sound Dimension - Declaration (Ver.)
Willie Williams - Armagedeon Time
Willie and The Soundemension - Armagedeon Version
Barry Brown - Far East
Barry and Soul Vendors - Far East Ver.
Freddie McGregor - How Could You Leave
Freddie and Soundemension - How Could You Version
Slim Smith - Rougher Yet
Lone Ranger - Love Bump
Brentford Rockers - Love Bump Version
Horace Andy - Skylarking
Carlton and The Shoes - Love Me Forever
Sound Dimension - Full Up
Freddie Mcgregor - Bobby Babylon
The Paragons - Danger In Your Eyes
Johnny Osbourne - Truth and Rights
Zoot Simms - African Challenge
Delroy Wilson - Conquer Me
Richard and The Sound Demensions - Crafty
Freddie Mcgregor and The Sound Dimension - Africa Here I Come
Jackie Mittoo - Drum Song
Brentford All Stars - Greedy G