Thursday, July 19, 2012

Would the real Aotearoa reggae please stand up! w Undercover

Exclusive biz from the land of the long white (ganja) cloud - New Zealand!
Aaah little did you know we have a good little underground scene down here that goes pretty hard. I think the beauty with being so far attached from the rest of the world is we stand apart from all the 'scenes' and we can stand back and just pick and choose styles we dig. Influences down here originally stem from good old Bob plus a good dose of foundation reggae, but I would say nowadays we all love a likkie bit of hip hop in our reggae.
In this mix we have a few of my dubplates and either NZ productions, NZ vocals or both!
Players on the New Zealand scene production wise include Tiopira and Simon from High Stakes who produced a big number one tune on the Jamaican dancehall charts for Popcaan (the big time!), Messenjah at Reality Chant produces the baddest JA/Euro influenced roots riddims, Iron Will from Riddim Central always bangs down a big riddim as well as being a roots man, Art Offishall from Newtown Sound who produces big hip hop and digital influenced reggae and Chris from Dub Terminator who drops some of the best reggae dubstep worldwide IMO. 
As for vocalists you have to start at The Mighty Asterix who for years along with stalwarts like Tuffy Culture, DLT etc have been the founding influence of New Zealand reggae. The next generation bring Asterix's son Israel Starr to the stage who I have the pleasure of jamming with and he always blows me away with his vocal range - from Slim Smith melodies to Johnny Osbourne singjay styles to ragga muffin Buju gruffness! MC Arme is another star who grew up singing gospel in his church and has now turned his talents to vicing big tunes with my crew the Sandy Bay Social Club, just check that version of Come Around - Lord a Mercy! Silva MC is another local talent who just tears shit up in the dance and reps for all the sistas worldwide, her new ep/album is dropping soon so be sure to google it! DJ Grassroots is a multi-talented sound-man whose flow from sweet to gruff voice sounds wicked in the dance and over his own productions! Chilean import Jah Red Lion has recently hit out shores and made big waves teaming up with Riddim central and recently Dub Terminator! Then there is Ras Stone  who I think sits atop of most NZ mc's at the moment, his voice is so crisp and clear and he shines on everything from foundation, roots, steppers, dubstep and to his chargrin - dancehall! Which brings us to the dancehall scene where we have the Yung Shottaz repping hard in a group styley and recently Max and Raiza teaming up to create Caged Lion.

Gappy Ranks - Put The Stereo On (Sandy Bay Dubplate)
Israel Starr - Foundation (Newtown Sound)
Mighty Asterix - Dub Murderer (Undercover Dubplate)
Mighty Asterix - Blood of the Saints
Mighty Asterix - Yardwise Stylee (Niceup Dubplate)
Natty King - Fyah Bed (Reality Chant)
Natty King - Fyah bed (Dub Terminator Remix)
Tiki Taane - Faded
Silva Emcee - Here We Go Again (Riddim Central)
Israel Starr f/ Silva MC and Juse1 - Speak! (Newtown Sound)
Israel Starr - Summertime (Soulforce and Newtown Sound)
Jah Red Lion - Vampires (Riddim Central)
MC Arme - Sandy Bay Come Around (Sandy Bay Dubplate)
Jah Red Lion f/ Anbless - Fire I Blaze - Fire I Blaze Riddim (Reality Chant)
Deadly Hunta Give Thanks  - Fire I Blaze Riddim (Reality Chant)
David Levi - Warriors of Ethiopia - Nah Bow Down Riddim (Reality Chant)
Natty King - Rasta is the light (Nah Bow Down Riddim (Reality Chant)
Rhombus f/ Ranking Joe Babylon Retreat
Sola Rosa - Lady Love (Richie Poe Instrumental Mix)
Jstar & Dr Cat - Blessing
Rhombus f/ Junior Kelly - Royalty
Dub Terminator f/ Ras Stone - Bad Mind
DJ Grassroots - Fatty boom (Dub Terminator Remix)
DJ Grassroots - Seems Like (This Time)
Gappy Ranks - God Father (Dub Terminator)
Jah Red Lion - Never Leave Me Alone (Dub Terminator)
Raiza & Max - Said & Done (Caged Lion)
Jah Red Lion - Jah Gimmi - Life Lessons Riddim (High Stakes)
Konshens - All This Love - Life Lessons Riddim (High Stakes)
Caldhino - Street Struggles (High Stakes)
Popcaan f/ Busta Rhymes - Only Man She Want Remix (High Stakes)
Yung Shottaz f/ TK Paradza - Good Ol' Days Refix (High Stakes)
Raiza & Max f/ Jah Red Lion - Lady Luck (Caged Lion)

Footnote 1. There is a Maori/Pacific BBQ reggae scene that is pretty huge in NZ (Katchafire, Unity Pacific etc) which I will do a post on very soon, but this is the real shit right here!!!

Footnote 2. NZ Artists - This post is trying to rep you to the world! I'm also pretty sure all of these tunes were free promos but if you are not cool with your track on here, just holla!


  1. who invented the ' bbq reggae ' phrase ..funny as

  2. @ Grapple - also known as Jandal Dub.. Big ups Undercover for the anthology!

  3. haha. jandal dub - nice . massive big ups for the comp undercover a kiwi in oz its hard to keep track sometimes...although a lot easier now dubheads show is downloadable - but a heap of tunes I'm unfamiliar with.....

    btw - just had a peep in the folder and there are some tmp files which I cant read or play ...not sure if thats an accident or not ....also the sandy bay gappy track is a wav file in case u didn't know.

  4. Another nice selection...! I wish there was something of a reggae scene here in Chengdu/China :) Until then your compilations keep me alive:

    1. mighty asterix - blood of the saints (nice nice nice - my style! That's how the stalag riddim is supposed to be "ridin'"...)

    2. mighty asterix - dub murderer (undercover dubplate) - - - never heard of "mighty asterix" before - but these are some serious cuts!!!)

    3. israel star - summertime (GREAT!!! Didn't know there were other versions on this "riddim" floating around... I think this originally is a Soulforce take on Alton Ellis "too late" riddim. Another nice cut is this one: "soulforce ft. ronny trettmann - regentropfen (instrumental)" ("Regentropfen" means "rainsdrops" in German)...

    Cheers! DubMe