Thursday, July 19, 2012

Re ups!

Hey crew!

So as may have noticed I've sorted another account out for you all. I have updated the last few months posts, working on some new ones and sorted a few requests.

Here is the mash-up series from a little while ago someone requested.

Original Jamaican - Mashups, Remixes and Covers

Ska and Rocksteady - Mashups, Remixes and Covers

Marvin Gaye - Mashups, Remixes and Covers

Party Bangas - Mashups, Remixes and Covers

Plus some bonus surprise hip hop and remix comps I could never be bothered sorting the tracklists for!!! (Direct links, but I assure you they are worth it)

Hip Hop and R&B - Mashups, Remixes and Covers

Remixes - Mashups, Remixes and Covers

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