Monday, December 13, 2010

Gappy Ranks w/ Undercover

I love Gappy, he's a super diverse artist and this selection covers his Peckings lovers/rocksteady vibe, his killer rootsier stuff, some old dancehall from his Suncycle days, a lik of fresh dancehall and even a straight up hip hop '2pac bigging' banger.

Sweet. Undercover.

Jah Is My Everything (Tune In Riddim)
Put the Stereo On (Tunnel One Riddim)
Happiest Day of My Life (I Can't Hide Riddim)
Pumpkin Belly (54-46 Riddim)
Money Train (50 Pound Riddim)
Heavy Load (Blood Dunza Riddim)
Soul Rebel f/ Nerious Joseph (Soul Rebel Riddim)
Mountain Top (Step It Out A Babylon Riddim)
Longtime (Rising Out Of The Ghetto)
Life f/ Million Stylez (Rising Out Of The Ghetto)
Girl Next Door (Dutty Romance Riddim)
You Aint (Hot Coffee Music)
Gunfight (Rising Out Of The Ghetto)
Herb Life f/ Gee Star (White Plains Road)
Obama (Creep Up)
Levels (Antrax Riddim)
Neatly Attire (Saudi Arabia Riddim)
Cup Full (Sprite Riddim)
Tsunami (The Tsunami Riddim)
West indian Girl (Hot Coffee Music)

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