Monday, October 8, 2018

The Viceroys Tribute w/ Undercover

With the recent passing of Wesley Tinglin (RIP), I thought I would do a little tribute to The ViceroysThe Viceroys, also known as The Voice RoysThe InternsThe Brothers, and The Hot Tops. Forming in 1967 and initially recording a few singles for Coxsone they spread their wings in the late 60s and early 70s recording some killer boss rocksteady with the likes Derrick Morgan, Winston Riley and Lloyd Daley. 
In what seems like a hiatus, in the mid 70s they came back again in 1978 (with new members including Norris Reid) with their first album 'Consider Yourself' recording with Phill Prat under their The Interns name.
Come 1980 they dropped their massive 'Heart Made of Stone' with Sly and Robbie which was the beginning of their new 'round' rub a dub sound, teaming up with Roots Radics and Linval Thompson for their 1982 classic 'We Must Unite'. A slew of these tunes where taken by Scientist and dubbed out on his classic dub LP Dub Landing.
Two more albums followed in 83 (Brethren And Sistren, produced again by Linval Thompson) and 84 (Chancery Lane, produced by Winston Riley) before the group disbanded while recording a fourth album, which was to surface in 2004 titled 'Love Is All'. 
Wesley Tinglin reformed the group in 2006 to record a live album in Iroko's Inna De Yard series, covering their classics to new effect.
From rocksteady to roots to rub a dub and early dancehall ,The Viceroys spanned it all. Massive props and blessings.

Link 1 - The Early Years
Link 2 - The Mid Years

Maga Down (1967) Coxsone
Lips & Tongue aka Walkie Talkie (1967)
Fat Fish (Throw Mi Line) (1967) Coxsone
Lose And Gain (1967) Studio One
Never get avay (196X) Studio One
Shake Up (Get Up) (1967) Studio One
Last Night (1968) Studio One
Ya Ho (1968) Studio One
Every Day (1968) Hop Records
Send Request (1968) Hop Records
Give It To Him (1968) Hop Records
Love and Unity (1968) Coxsone
Jump in a fire (1969) Punch
Work It (1969) Crab / Matador
Take Your Hand From Me Neck (1969) Matador
Promises Promises (1969) Crab / Matador
Come On Over (1970) Bullet
Chariot Coming (1970) Bullet
Babylon Deh Pon Fire (1976) Upsetter
So Many Problems (197X) Studio One
Love Jah (197X) Studio One
Slogan On The Wall (1977) Studio One
Slogan On The Wall 12" (1977) Studio One
The Struggle (1978) Studio One
Yah Ho (1978) Consider Yourself
Do We Have to Fight (1978) Consider Yourself
Get to Know (1978) Consider Yourself
Nothing is Impossible (1978) Consider Yourself
Jah Oh Jah (1978) Consider Yourself
Detour (1978) Consider Yourself
Consider Yourself (1978) Consider Yourself
Send Us (1978) Consider Yourself
Shaddai Children (1980)
Heart Made of Stone (1980) Taxi Records
The Dub Of Gold (1981) Raiders of the Lost Dub
My Mission Is Impossible 12" (1981)
My Mission Is Impossible (1982) We Must Unite
They Can't Stop Us Now (1982) We Must Unite
Come Closer My Love (1982) We Must Unite
The Intelligence Of Her (1982) We Must Unite
Time Is Important (1982) We Must Unite
Love Is A Key (1982) We Must Unite
We Must Unite (1982) We Must Unite
Rise In The Strength Of Jah (1982) We Must Unite
I'm Trying On (1982) We Must Unite
Ya Ho (198X) ??
Girl It's Over (1983) Brethren And Sistren
Brethren And Sistren (1983) Brethren And Sistren
Ain't Nobody Love Nobody (1983) Brethren And Sistren
There Is Hopes (1983) Brethren And Sistren
Please Stop Them (1983) Brethren And Sistren
In My Father House( 1984) Love Is All
Love Is What It Takes (1984) Love Is All
Love Is All (1984) Love Is All
I'm Satisfied (1984) Love Is All
Take Care Of The Youths (1984) Chancery Lane
Push Push  (1984) Chancery Lane
Chancery Lane (1984) Chancery Lane
Voice Like Thunder (1984) Chancery Lane

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  1. It may not be summer up here, but I'm still playing this all the time. Thanks, man, it really hits the spot.