Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Running tings outta Kingston with Joachim Maquet

I came by these photos by Joachim Maquet outta Paris, it really catches a dope vibe. These guys are it - they are running 'tings, they got style, playing a new sound, all while smoking trees. All photography Joachim Maquet. #alleyesonit 

Kingston, Jamaica could be 1976, but it's 2016.

Teflon ah vetern inna di marijuana ting. @zincfence

Prince Chronixx. Kingston, Jamaica. #rootsandchalice

Kingston, Jamaica. #rootsandchalice

Miss Bling. Kingston, Jamaica. 2016.

Kingston Hustlings. Teflon. Brendon. #rootsandchalice

Spliff n a smile. Dre Island. Kingston, Jamaica.

Chronixx. #rootsandchalice

Herb Doctor. Blue Mountans, Jamaica.

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