Friday, August 14, 2015

In Times of Trouble w/ Freddie Mckay

Impeccable music here. No fuss, no fanfare. Freddie is one of my favourite foundation vocalists. He is so smooth yet gravelly from rocksteady to lovers to heavy as lead roots. He always voiced the heaviest riddims and his albums are full of stepping cuts with tuff Tubby dubs. A few recuts of his classics inna tempo change too, interesting to listen to side by side.


Love Is A Treasure
Father Will Cut You Off (Version)
Open Up Your Door
When I Am Gray
Picture On The Wall
Since I Met You
Go On This Way
Darling Ooh
Tear Drops
Tears Won't Help
Lonely Man
Lonely Man
Just A Little Bit
Won't Get Away
Our Rendevous
I'm A Free Man
I'm A Free Man
Sanctic Special
Creation Rebel
Jah Man
Nah Mek It Look So
Guide Us Jah Jah
La La Bye Woman
Rock A Bye Woman (Extended)
Rock A Bye Dub
Harsh Words
Black Beauty
Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
In Times of Troubles (Extended)
In Times of Dub
Cool Down Your Temper
Inna Mi Yard
Another Weekend (Extended)
Take My Hands Oh Jah
Where Have You Been
How Could I Leave
How Could I Leave Dub
Jah Love I (Extended)

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