Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Swell Headed Riddim w/ Twice Nice and Undercover

Big Big Ups to long-time follower Twice Nice for this fine Swell Headed riddim rundown! Upon hearing the latest Kabaka tune, Twice emailed me some big tunes pon the riddim resulting in said post! We start with the ital Burning Spear original, followed by the Pablove Black instrumental classic, both from Coxsone Dodd at Studio One. A trend we will no doubt notice. The Revolutionaries picked up the riddim in 1976 and laid down a typically heavy militant roots version at Channel One while Deejays U Roy and Prince Far saw a good thing going and jumped on to voice. Rod Taylor and Black Solidarity blazed a steppers classic while Freddie McGregor recorded some prime 80s rub-a-dub on the Spiderman label. Come 1996 and the Dancehall era and we have Everton Blender flying the roots flag high and gives us nuff vibes. European crew Reggae On Top takes it inna millenium roots digital steppers territory with a big soundsystem dub to follow. And 42 years later we have the leading lights of Jamaican reggae Chronixx and Kabaka bring it back inna Channel One style. Bless. Riddim!

Burning Spear - Swell Headed - Studio One (1972)
Pablove Black - Push Pull - Studio One (1972)
The Revolutionaries - Swell Headed - Channel One (1976)
The Mighty Diamonds - Swell Headed Dubplate - Channel One (1976)
U Roy - Swell Head Skank - Channel One (1976)
Rod Taylor - The Lord Is My Light - Black Solidarity (1979)
Pablove Black - Dread Head - Studio One (1979)
Prince Far I - Give I Strength - Cry Tuff (1981)
Freddy McGregor - Never Get Away - Spiderman (1982)
Ernest Ranglin - Black Disciples - Island (1996)
Everton Blender - Live Up - How Yu fi Sey Dat (1996)
Barry Issac - Swell Headed - Reggae On Top (2000)
Reggae On Top All Stars - Swell Headed Dub - Reggae On Top (2000)
Chronixx - World Under Seige aka Di Youth Dem Freestyle - Roots Tribulation (2013)
Kabaka Pyramid and Equikoxx - Champion Sound - Channel One (2014)


  1. Nice one...! I only came across "Chronixx - World Under Siege" a few weeks ago - but loved it from the moment the needle dropped... Looking forward to give this nice selection of yours a listen... THANKS

  2. wicked . Leroy Smart did it too for Jammy's on a digital version licked by Steelie & Cleavie 89-90-ish . It was on the 'yellow' SuperPower 12" label.

  3. Would love to hear the Mighty Diamonds cut for Channel One, anyone know where i can find it ?