Thursday, October 31, 2013

Big Tunes w/ Undercover

Alllrighty then, another installment of the biggest tunes that tickle my fancy. First is up is catchy as hell Rootikal remix of Cornell Campbell with a summer of '68 sounding remix and instrumental!! Next we highlight the amazing Shaggy album, full of ravers cuts, full of hits! Also featuring from her new mixtape is Keida in full bad-girl style - some of her heaviest tunes pon that! We then run a dozen or so rootsy hip hop singles, - baddies from new favourites Dre Island and Randy Valentine also bits from Keznamdi, Konshens, Tony Curtis, Pressure, Gappy, Busy YT etc! We then start to get busy with a new single (a bit cheese but still doope) from the much anticipated Wayne Marshall album before rocking some new Cham, Stylo G (Baaaadddd!), a dope Ri Ri remix before we wrap it up with some nice jungle mixes. Need both links for full tracklist. Link One. Link Two.

Cornel Campbell - There's a Fire (Rootikal Mix)
Rootikal Players f/ Soothsayers Horns - Fire Trap
Shaggy f/ Cocoa Tea, Joe - Like Never Before  (Out of Many, One Music)
Talisman - Things Ah Get Tough (I Surrection LP)
Keida - Jamaican boy
Keida - Ganja Tea
Shaggy f/ Chronixx - Bridges (Out of Many, One Music)
Shaggy f/ Damian, Chioma  (Out of Many, One Music)
Shaggy f/ Tarrus Riley - My Duty  (Out of Many, One Music)
Demarco - Virtuous Woman (Sweet Aroma Riddim)
Million Stylez - The Struggle (Sweet Aroma Riddim)
Gappy Ranks - Carpenter
Tony Curtis f/ Konshens - Smoke It Up
Keznamdi - Grade
Dre Island - Rastafari Way
Dre Island f/ Kabaka Pyramid - Rasta Rule
Busy Signal f/ Exco Levi - Wicked Evil Man
Pressure - Hold The Powaz
YT - In The Streets (Legalise Riddim)
Paketo Wilson and Derajah - Ina De Yaad
Aidonia - High Grade Party
Randy Valentine - Brixton Market (Throw Me Herb Riddim)
Lord Sassafrass - Talking Yardie (Heidi Riddim)
Dre Island - Find Dem Flaw
Konshens - Champion (Mixed Feelings Riddim)
Junior Reid f/ Vybz and Uncle - Guns Dem Load
Keida - Bad Gal Rock Remix
Wayne Marshall f. Agent Sasco - Stupid Money
Keida - Trouble
Keida - Riddim Sound Sweet
I-Octane - Fi Di Nation (Kuff Again Riddim)
Cham f/ Jr Gong - Fighter
Wrongtom and Deemas J - Jump Move Rock (Supa John Remix)
Stylo G f/ Sister Nancy - Badd
Riri, Notch and King Tech - Murder (Ri Ri Remix)
Dennis Brown and Mr. Williamz - Have You Ever (Chopstick Dubplate)
King Kong and Mr. Williamz - Rumble Jumble Life (Chopstick Dubplate)
Bitty Maclean - Walk Away From Love (6Blocc Remix)

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  1. Don't think the chopstick dubplates made it bro.