Sunday, August 11, 2013

Slim Smith w/ Undercover

Where do you start? Well he was first ever great Jamaican rocksteady 'singer'. With silky smooth vocals he had sublime a solo career heralding in the 'soul and rocksteady sound' with numerous hits for Coxonne @Studio One after being the lead vocalist in The Techniques @Duke Reid until '65 and latterly The Uniques @Bunny Lee and @TheObserver up til his tragic and troubled death in '73. His tunes just have that golden era sound, with heavy leaning towards the early Motown sound especially The Impressions which they covered numerous versions. Still sampled today, big rocksteady relicks with a Slim sample, never fail to thrill. Everyone needs some @SlimSmith in their life. Pure Soul.

The Techniques - No One
The Techniques - I Specialize In Good Girls
The Techniques - Day 0 (The Banana Boat Song)
The Techniques - Travelling Man
The Techniques - You Don't Care
The Techniques - My Girl
The Techniques - Love Is Not A Gamble
The Techniques - I'm In The Mood For Love
The Techniques - I Wish It Would Rain
The Techniques - Queen Majesty
Slim Smith - 3 X 7 = 21
Slim Smith - Love And Devotion
Slim Smith - Ain't 2 Proud To Beg
Slim Smith - Build My World Around You
Slim Smith - Never Let Go
Slim Smith - Everybody Needs Love
Slim Smith - My Conversation
Slim Smith - Let Me Go Girl
Slim Smith - Just A Dream
Slim Smith - Will You Still Love Me
Slim Smith - I'm Lost (I Found That I Lost)
Slim Smith - Rougher Yet
Slim Smith - Born to Love
Slim Smith - Born To Dub
Slim Smith - Keep That Light
Slim Smith - Lonely Lover
Slim Smith - Sunny Side Of The Sea
Slim Smith - Out of Love
Slim Smith - The Beatitude (Blessed Are The Meek)
Slim Smith - Sitting In The Park
The Uniques - Little Girl
The Uniques - The Journey
The Uniques - A Yun (You Always Hurt Me) (a.k.a. Hey You)
The Uniques - Out Of Love (I'm The One That Love Forgot)
The Uniques - Watch This Sound (For What It's Worth)
The Uniques - Trying To Find A Home
The Uniques - Gypsy Woman
The Uniques - People Get Ready

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