Saturday, July 6, 2013

Relicks, Roots and Returns w/ Undercover

Pure vibes on this selection starting with classic rocksteady Relicks from Suga Roy, sweet lovers from Vivian Jones on The Heptones classic, Barry Biggs crooning some sweet lovers, Freddie McGregor and Gappy on the Bobby Babylon followed by Mr Vegas, Shanty B and new favourite Randy Valentine on the massive No1 Station Riddim. The Roots sound is well on form - we have some fatties off Alborosie's new album, some legends Return to the studio with full length albums in the form of Brinsley Forde, Matthew McAnuff, Cornell Campbell and Trinity with some big relicks of roots classics Su Su Pon Rasta, Hot Milk, Bucket Cup, Move Out Of Babylon and A Little Way Different. Lastly some new meets old with King Tubbys masterpieces getting voiced by Masicka. Just amazing.

Suga Roy and Fireball Crew f/ Rawmed - Murderer (Phyllis Dillon - Don't Stay Away)
Suga Roy and Fireball Crew - Hello Carol (The Gladiators - Hello Carol)
Vivian Jones - Precious (Party Time Riddim)
Richie Davis - On  The Loose Again (Party Time Riddim)
Barry Biggs - Sloe Down Girl  (Just Say When Riddim)
Ambelique (Just Say When Riddim)
Freddie McGregor f/ Gappy Ranks - Standing Strong (Hi Fashion Riddim)
Jon Pecus - Rollin (Hi Fashion Riddim)
Randy Valentine - Victory (No1 Station Riddim)
Mr. Vegas - No Plastic Dolly (No1 Station Riddim)
Shanty B - Voice of One (No1 Station Riddim)
Alborosie - Play Fool (To Catch Wise) (Sound the System)
Alborosie f/ The Abyssinians - Give Thanks (Sound the System)
Alborosie - Rock the Dancehall (Sound the System)
Brinsley Forde - Can't Stop Me Now
Brinsley Forde - Blaze It Up
Matthew Mcanuff - A Little Way Different (Errol Dunkley - A Little Way Different)
Matthew Mcanuff - Move Out Of Babylon ??
Matthew Mcanuff - Be Careful (Winston Mcanuff - Be Careful)
Cornel Campbell - Weed Out Vampires (New Scroll)
Trinity f/ Cornell Campbell - Jah Jah Man (Eye To Eye)
Trinity f/ Prince Alla - Bad Boy (Prince Alla - Bucket Bottom)
Trinity f/ Naggo Morris - Tenemant Yard (Naggo Morris - Su Su Pon Rasta)
Trinity f/ Barrington Levy - Genocide (Hot Milk/Murderer Riddim)
King Tubby x Masicka x Equiknoxx - Dread
King Tubby x Masicka x Equiknoxx - 4G
King Tubby x Masicka x Equiknoxx - Deadly First


  1. Buff, amazing compilation, thanks a lot for the work you do! I aprecciate it!

  2. Great Mix - Big Thanks - This Site is Amazing - BIG Love

  3. Great Mix - Big Thanks - This Site is Amazing - BIG Love