Thursday, May 2, 2013

Sir Coxsone (Studio One) Rarities w/ Undercover

We've all heard the Studio One classics - the legendary foundation reggae riddims we all now know and love. But what about squillion other unknown nuggets and next-cuts Clement Seymour 'Sir Coxsone' Dodd released over a multitude of his own labels like World Disc, Port-O-Jam, Tabernacle, Banana, Supreme, Coxsone, RIO, Musik City, Studio One, Bongo Man, Winro, London and of course the good ol' Jamaican blank!? This mighty selection showcases the little know gems - the undercard on the b side - the unknowns I've simply never ever heard of like Basil Gabbidon, Denzil Thorpe, Rolando Coral, The Purplelites, The Muscle Souls and The Stingers!!! It's all about the rarities here, and as you can hear, no quality is lost here (some impeccable roots!) -  This one is going out to Richie Phoe yo! Link

Cecil Lloyd Group - I Cover The Waterfront
Lennie Hibbert - Peaches
The Skatalites - Exodus
Basil Gabbidon - Enie-Meanie-Miney-Mo
Jimmy James - Swinging Down the Line
Neville Esson - Wicked And Dreadful
Tony and Howie - Fun It Up
Monty and The Cyclones - Silky
Lee Perry - Me Sir
Denzil Thorpe - The Monkey Speaks His Mind
The Purplelites - The Pressure Is On
The Soul Leaders - Pour On The Sauce
Pete Young - If You Got Soul
The Octaves - The Battle
Lloyd Charmers - Things Going Wrong
Joe Higgs - Dinah
Slim Smith - Keep That Light
Lord Creator - Unfaithful Baby
The Mad Lads - Losing You
Slim and Freedom Singers - Mercy Mercy
The Muscle Souls - Wigwam
Rolando Coral and The Sound Dimension - Feeling Good
Al Senior - Bonopart
Barrington Spence - Contemplating Mind
Marlene Webber - My Baby
Lloyd Williams - For Your Love
Rodley Brissett - Vanity
The Righteous Flames - You Don't Know
Cliff Stewart - Burn Collie
Carlton and His Shoes - Love Is All
Carlton and His Shoes - Happy Land
Eric and Sugar - You Wrong
Hugh Black - Long Liver Man
The Traps - Higher
The Righteous Flames - You Don't Know
Winston Shand - Time is the master
Joseph Cotton - Izzesse I
Ernest Ranglin - Straight Flush
Norman Gift - A Message To Her
Frankie Wilmoth - Stay With Me
The Gladiators - A Prayer To Thee
The Stingers - Down Presser International
The Nightingales - Jehovah
Clifton Gibbs and The Selected Few - Brimstone and Fire
The New Establishment - Fire Version
Jah Scotchie - Man Of Creation
The Mellodies - What It Profit I
Lloyd Forrest - Where It's At
Soul System - Where It's At Version
L. Crosdale - Reggae Music
Nickto Marshall - I Have Change
The Burning Spears - Rocking Time
Al Tascith Joe - Al Tascith Joe
The Prospectors - Glory For I
Jah Buzz - Fire Coal Style
Sir Harry - Musical Rights
Prince Lincoln - True Experience
Lone Ranger - Now The Gate Fly
Keith McCarthy - Everybody Rude Now
Donna V and Sound Dimension - Pullover Version
Lord Tanamo - Keep On Moving
Cherry Ann - Tell Me Something Good