Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I'm a Junglist w/ Undercover

OK, so after weeks of internet dramas I'm back with the much requested fresh jungle vibes! I'm no hardcore junglist, but I do know what I like and I like these bangers alot! First up we have my old mate Blak Twang teaming up with...drumroll please...Congo Natty! Yes I, the man is back on production and is dropping a new album soon I believe. Check his single UK Allstars also, killer! Other big tingz are the Di Genius and Liondub combo relicking The Moving riddim into a jungle styley! Thank Piet for that one! Other big samples include bits from Collie Buddz, Johnny Osbourne, Shabba and JC Lodge, Solo, YT, Marcus Visionary, Benny Page and Run Tingz Crew. It's more on the D&B tip, but check Mucky Weekend, a sloppy, slutty slammer!!! Airhorn!

Blak Twang f/ Congo Natty - Rebel Emcee
Johnny Osbourne - Rock It Tonight (Marcus Visionary 2013 Jungle remix)
Ed Solo/Deekline - Top Rankin
Ed Solo/Deekline - Champion Lover
Di Genius & Liondub f/ Mr Easy - Moving (Marcus Visionary Jungle refix)
Di Genius & Liondub f/ J Boog - Change Up Your Evil Ways (Marcus Visionary Jungle refix)
Jamie Irie f/ Daddy Freddy - Words Can Be So Simple (Aries remix)
Zareb - More Youth (Aries remix)
Run Tingz Crew f/ Solo Banton & Lady Fyah - Took My Breath
Kafra - Let Me Know
Killa Tingz f/ YT- Hustler (UK jungle mix)
Congo Natty meets Benny Page - UK Allstars (Radio Edit)
Run Tingz Crew f/ David Boomah and Blackout JA
Run Tingz Crew f/ YT - Born Inna Babylon
Benny Page f/ Topcat - Sound Fi Dead (Aries & Tuffist remix)
Dossa f/ Deliman - Rock A Dub
Dub Pistols and Rodney P - Mucky Weekend (Mithja Tjamil Remix)
Benny Page f/ Mr Williamz - Top Rank Skank


  1. ...nuff selection! Thanks!!!

  2. nice. keep the junglist posts coming .... aint heard of Kiafra before but that tune is the standout on first listen.

  3. Yo Man, niceness on the selection. More to come for 2014?