Saturday, February 16, 2013

Producer Series: Prince Buster and his Allstars

One of the most important figures in Jamaican Ska and Rocksteady is Prince Buster. The man who in 1960, took local calypso and the infamous students of Alpha Boy's School such as Roland Alphone, Don Drummond and blended them with the r&b and southern blues sounds of the USA. In doing so created an authentic expression of both Jamaican and world music. The hi-tempo ska he pioneered in the dancehalls of Kingston during the early 60s, is where reggae as we know it all began. Prince Buster IS 'the ska beat' and through 1963-1969 defined the sound with over a dozen quintessential ska and rocksteady albums. Madness!

Little Honey (Buster's Group)
Carolina (The Folkes Brothers & Count Ossie Group)
Just you
Soul Of Africa
All Alone
Wash Wash
Perhaps (Skatalites)
The Burial (Don Drummond)
Ska War (The Maytals)
River Jordan (Owen Gray)
I Love You So (The Maytals)
Chinaman Ska
Ska Town
Have Mercy
Al Capone
One Step Beyond
Dance Jamaica
Rum and Cocacola
Moving Spirit
My Girl
Hard Man Fe Dead
Ten Commandments
Ten Commandments From Woman
Wings of a Dove
Ain't That Saying A Lot
Girl, Answer to Your Name
Is Life Worth Living
A Change Is Gonna Come
Ghost Dance
Judge Dread
Dark Street
Take It Easy
Lets Go To The Dance
Danny, Dane & Lorraine
Enjoy Yourself
Phoenix City
Hold Them
The Virgin
Big 5
Every Man Pum Pum
Sister Big Stuff
Stick By Me
Sister Big Stuff
Satta A Masa Gana


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