Sunday, January 27, 2013

Big Tunes w/ Undercover

A mixed bag here! Some big new rocksteady riddim action, cop this WHOLE riddim peeps, some wicked vocals on big lineup including Tanya Stephens! The Man of the Living is a killer riddim, the soul sample in that one is CRAZY! I would love to know what it is. Stop that Sound returns 5 years after the fact to another huge sound murdering lineup. Mean, we are getting our Deadly Hunter dubplate voiced tommorow pon that riddim! That leads us to some sweet UK soundsystem digi roots from Digital Dubs, Subactive and Mungos Hi Fi! The 90s riddim follows with Chronixx's Odd Ras, a  tune Rodigan has boldly claimed the most original song of the year/decade type thing. Last but not least is some blazing JA dancehall action seeing the dons Busy, Beenie, Sea Paul and Mega Banton tear tings up! Big Tunes!

Gyal Season Riddim / Bambino Musik & Jus Bus
Etana Ft. Busy Signal - Love Love Love
Kes And The Band - Tuesday On The Rocks
Tanya Stephens - If You Knew
Joe Lickshot - Vintage Concert Version
Trever Off-Key f/ Keida - I Wanna Love Ya

Corner Shop Riddim - 21st Haplilos
Collie Budz - No Time
J Boog - Break Us Apart

We Nah Bow Riddim - Boom Shak
Trinity - Dancehall Stylee
Sizzla - We Nah Bow

Man Of The Living Riddim - Street Rockaz
Peetah Morgan - World Revolution
Chezidek - Talk to Jah Jah

Stop That Sound Riddim - Irie Ites
Keith & Tex - The Champion
Deadly Hunta - Dubplate Spillin
Lion D - Soundboy a Go Dead
Ward 21 - Dead tonight

Dub Echoes Riddim - Digitaldubs
Digitaldubs f/ YT - Sound System Culture
Dub Echoes Riddim

Frontline EP - Scotch Bonnet
Subactive f/ Ranking Levy - Brixton Frontline
Subactive f/ El Fata - Rocking in the Frontline

Scotch Bonnet
Mungo's Hi Fi f/ Afrikan Simba & Dixie Peach - Leave the Oil Alone
Mungo's Hi Fi f/ Charlie P - Skidip It Up Dub

90s Riddim - Digital Vibes
Chronixx - Odd Ras
Ward 21 - Dilly Dolly

Peas Inna Pot Riddim - Juke Boxx and Donbigs
Busy Signal - Bad Up Who
Pistal - More Time

Sneak Preview Riddim - Gutty Bling
Beenie Man and Sean Paul - Greatest Gallis
New Kidz - Tip Up Pon Ya Toe

Duppy Show Riddim - Notnice
Mega Banton - Duppy Show
Aidonia - Good Pussy Gyal Anthem

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  1. 'Soul' sample sounds like Horace Andy mate - not 100% on it tho.