Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Peckings w/ Undercover

For true reggae lovers Peckings always delivers with a bang up to date foundation sound. NEW LINK!

Bitty Maclean - I've Got Love Remix
Tesfa Mcdonald - Reincarnate
Lady Lex - Conversation
Janet-Lee Davis - I Don't Wanna Know
Raphael - Good Old Vibes
Kelly Mekada - Easy
Mark 'Saxa' Overton - Tribute To Duke Reid aka Just Cool
Lady Lex - Is This Love
Peter Hunningaile - Sensi
Sadiki - Slipping Away
Sparky - Let Me Be Your Number One
Peter Hunnigale & Sound Dimension - This Is Life
Peter Spence - Border
Luciano - Moving On
Peter Hunningale - Marcus Garvey
Lady Lex - Bad Boys
Johnny and The Soul Vendors - Tribute to CS Dodd
Gappy Ranks - Mountain Top
Tarrus Riley - Young Heart
Sadiki - Lovers Fight
Bitty McLean & The Supersonics - Baby Tonight
Courtney John - Lucky Man
Dean Cannon Frazer - King Majesty
Lady Lex and the Supersonics - At Last
Peter Hunningale - In The Ghetto
Bitty McLean - Walk Away From Love Remix
Macka B - Never Played A 45
Gappy Ranks - Pumpkin Belly
Sparkie - 54 46
Gappy Ranks - Heavy Load
Gappy Ranks - Put The Stereo On


  1. Thanks man, this looks great, I can't wait. I really like their recent output, but it's a little hard to find the singles. Been looking for some of these.

  2. thx again! looks like a brilliant selection of songs... Can only agree to the previous comment - Peckings recent output is amazing... and for the last 2 years finding a proper cut of "Dolomite - hustling story" has been my mission of the day... Couldn't get hold of the 7inch, or any proper download...

  3. Thanks! Agree, finding any of the Peckings singles is tuff! They keep that shit tight, which for them is a good thing! The 7" of Dolomite should still be around? I got most of the Peckings 7"s, will try to make a rip of a few aye?

  4. http://www.dubvendor.co.uk/hold-on-riddim---dolomite---hustler-story--delly-ranks---reggae-music-peckings-uk-7-18688-p.asp

  5. Hi... I would really appreciate if you could rip some of them (especially that "Hold On riddim" - - - which is cracking fresh!). Thanks for the Dub Vendor link... probably should get a small packet there. Really thinking about it - otherwise I regret it in a few years ;-) Last time I was back home in Germany I tried to get that 7inch - but couldn't find it at my local reggae stores. I have been living/studying in China for the last 5 years - which is a world far removed from record buying. While for the first few years in China I continued buying vinyl online (tons of vinyl at my parents place still sealed and mint) - I rather get them as a digital download now (don't mind paying for it) - but then again - a lot of the good stuff I won't find...

    Actually just started making a fresh vinyl want-list - top recent re-releases:

    1. DIGGORY KENRICK "The Lion Flute" / Coptic Lion / 2012

    2. Mighty Diamonds - Eyes On Africa / Coptic Lion / 2012 (what a killer riddim! I am sure you have heart that riddim on a scientist/prince jummy dub album before... Always been a favourite of mine...)

    ...and then there are two old cuts on Desmond Dekkers "Fu Manchu" riddim... Killer! One of them being a funky as hell flute version by "DIGGORY KENRICK" again...

  6. Hey bro, That Mighty Daimonds tune is killer, as is the fu manchu version which the original is an old fav of mine! Will see about a rip of hold on!