Monday, April 11, 2011

Rare Funk Liberation Vol. 1

This was one of the first funk albums I brought for my collection almost 12 years ago now. Little did I realise how much of a fan of Lee Fields and the Soul Fire/Truth and Soul crew I was to become.

01-Pearl Dowell - good things
02-Communicators - the road
03-The Blenders LTD - you got it all, ain't no more
04-The Soul Chargers - soul charge pt. 1 & 2
05-Lee Fields & The Devil's Personal Band - the bull is coming
06-Union - strike
07-Little Eva - the wind
08-Tommy Dark - wobble legs (instr.)
09-Lee harris - i'm gonna get your thing (get you)
10-Larry and the Zodiacs - screwdriver
11-Busey's Soulblenders - soul power (pt. 2)
12-Michael Jay - the electric twist
13-Duralcha - ghet-to funk
14-Apollis Show Band - peace is still with us
15-Yesterday Today & Tomorrow - d minor vamp
16-Joyce Williams - the first thing i do in the morning
17-London Fog & The Continentals - easy mover
18-Kim Tomange - not by bread alone

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